Hello Digital Techie’s,

Lets us start with an introduction of myself.

Who Am I?

I am Ashish kumar Talari, presently working as a full time Freelance Digital Marketer. I got into this 2 years ago, back then got few job offers and few freelance projects. Among those my highest job offer was 30k per month, Figure seems to be tempting to accept the offer, but my inner voice told me that I could do better with what I learned apart from my Engineering studies.

Desk Digital Techie
This is not my desk but I’m happy with what I currently have..!

However the idea of starting my own work and making it earn for me came from the series of inspiration given by my trainers from previous jobs.

What Was My Story Behind The Title Exactly?

I used to work for a BPO firm immediately after my graduation, started to save salary and earned extra bucks by working for more hours, I got frustrated due to hectic work  and decided to resign and utilize my savings to gain some knowledge which can be utilized to earn more bucks and decided to learn Digital marketing.

It was exactly couple of years back when I was struggling and using my skill to market myself in-front of HR Managers, I was frustrated roaming around Marketing companies to get a better paid job for myself, almost covered every marketing company in my city.

Got an opportunity as an intern (3 months paid internship) from a top leading Digital Marketing firm, no matter what, I joined it. (Best part in my life.) They offered me a 30 K/month salary, which is far better than most of my friends earn, the only condition was I need to make a contract for three years.

The Dilemma Begins!

Now, this was an amazing offer to me, as I was being paid more than my friends in terms of salary. This offer was good to be true, being a part of popular Tech Marketing Firm.

It was a great deal, right?

My inner voice said, NO.

  • I denied the offer.

Was it right to do this? I don’t know and I don’t want to know.

Decided to start something on my own,

  • Immediately Purchased few domains so that they can be used for flipping (to earn quick bucks).
  • Opened an Ecom site to sell baby products in USA using Digital Marketing Techniques.
  • Regretted denying the offer for some time as no proper sales and high marketing costs.
  • Got support from couple of friends who were trained along with me.
  • Faced challenges in selling the products, any how we were earning good, Now don’t ask me how do I do that  without manufacturing unit, this process is called Drop Shipping. I’ll let you know about it in next article, or Do Your Own Research for it.

However, in the back of my mind, something kept reminding me, I have to follow my desire of doing something on my own

Ended up doing something in this digital world earning some quick bucks.
Ended up working in this digital world earning and making quick bucks..!

Am I Happy what I did, Really ?

  • Yes
  • No

Again Dilemma..! as I was out of order, due to some disturbances in life, so not taking decisions correctly/wisely.

  • Ecom site was sold for good amount which was used in some other investment.
  • Clients getting heavy competition from they competitors, where I am unable to handle budget wisely due to regular updates from Google Algorithms.
  • Left with 0$ income.

What Can I do Now?

Move on…!

Plenty of options, this gave me boost to continue with my community blog Digital Techie. The Name itself inspires me. 🙂

Life lesson learnt: Everyday is a challenge, polishing skills every day is a must. Hurdles and failures shouldn’t scare us from taking the risk, as there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

Are you still reading my post?

  • Thanks Mate..!

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