A Guide On How To Create A Blog


Blogging is considered as a hobby by most of them. what if I tell you that, you can also earn money through writing and maintain a blog?

Yes, there are so many people out in the world who earns 6 figure income every month just through Blogging.

Blogging isn’t considered as a career option, due to lack of awareness. I agree blogging cannot be considered as a career option but blogging is a passion. You get to know about that, only if you see the taste of earning money online through blogging.

The first step to start a blog:

1. Choosing a blogging platform

The first step to start a blog is to choose a blogging platform. The best platform to start a blog for a newbie is from BlogSpot.com, but if you have a goal of making side income its better to get a self-hosted WordPress blog.

It’s your decision that you choose a blogging platform, I recommend to try out with Blogspot for a week or two later you can start your self-hosted blog through WordPress platform, with the more professional approach.

Let me tell you this, free blogging platforms won’t allow you to place ads on your blog. This makes it much harder to make money from blogging.

2. Selecting a niche(topic) to blog

Some people have a clear shot idea on what they wanted to write on their blog, but from my experience, many people won’t get ideas on what to write.

You can choose to blog anything which is interesting to read. Be it real life experiences, humour, product reviews etc.

Here’s the list of topics you could choose:

  • Real life experiences
  • Recipes
  • Travel experience and being a travel guide
  • Parenting
  • Family relationships
  • Gaming
  • History
  • Personal/Interesting Stories
  • Sports
  • Educational topics
  • Job descriptions
  • Music
  • Gossips
  • Celebrities
  • Beginners guide to anything
  • Legal Advice
  • Health and healthy lifestyle
  • Parenthood

You can also choose your favourite topic apart from the above topics. I am interested in sharing digital marketing knowledge so I have started this blog.  It doesn’t matter, as long as you enjoy the topic and are interesting in learning more.

3. Picking a domain name for your blog and hosting the domain

Now you got a topic in your mind, that you are more interested in sharing with people. Now you require a domain name and need a hosting. If you choose to blog from Blogspot, you no need to have a hosting account. By default, you get a domain name like ‘ yourname.blogspot.com ‘. But investing few bucks you can get a branded domain for your specific topic.

After selecting your domain name, it’s time to host on the Internet. There are various hosting plans available in the market. I suggest you go with the shared hosting plan. With Bluehost, you will get a free domain with this hosting plan.

hosting on bluehost

Now after having a domain and hosting space on the Internet, you need a blogging software to run your blog.

  • Read: How to install WordPress on Bluehost

Once you have your WordPress blog installed, you need to install the theme and do few settings and install plugins, and this is not too technical, you can do it by yourself after you get to know about it.  I will guide you through the process.

  • How to install a WordPress theme.
  • How to install a plugin.
  • Top ten plugins you need to install in your WordPress.
  • Also Read: WordPress security

Congrats! on setting up a blog. As you begin blogging, remember that you’re speaking to humans. Be honest and transparent. People get addict to your blog, once they trust you.

Do let me know your queries, suggestions in the comments section below or you can directly write to ashish@digitaltechie.org


Ashish Talari
"Blogging is a hobby which can be turned into a profession." I started to blog on Digitlatechie.org to spread the awareness on Internet lifestyle and boss free life. Share your feedback about this site and do let me know your suggestions at: hello@digitaltechie.org

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A Guide On How To Create A Blog

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