How To Add Google Analytics To WordPress Without Plugin

Adding Google Analytics to WordPress is essential to measure the performance of your blog. It enables you to track various parameters taking from basic tracking to sophisticated sales funnel creation and tracking.

First Step Is Getting The Tracking Code

  • Login to your Google Analytics account
  • Click on admin button from  the menu present on left side column
    google analytics admin panel
  • After that, you are redirected to admin interface of Google Analytic account
  • Create new account and give a name to your new account preferably it can be a category/niche of your website

how to add new website in google analytics

  • Enter your website name and website URL and click on Get Tracking ID.
  • Once you have successfully clicked on Get Tracking ID , your tracking code will be generated.

Google Analytics tracking code

 The second Step Installing The Tracking Code

Now adding Google Analytics code is just a step away. Now open your WordPress dashboard in new tab jump on to appearance menu and click on Editor submenu.

After this, you will be on Edit Themes Screen, now find header.php in the right side column. you can take help of   Ctrl + F  to find header.php, After finding the file click on it.

wordpress dashbord

Inside of header.php file find the HTML tag </head>  again use help of Ctrl + F to find the tag.

Now copy your Google Analytic code and paste the code just above the </head>  and click update file.

 google analytic code in wordpress

You have successfully added the Google Analytic code to you WordPress site. I really do not recommend adding Google Analytics using this method as it bit confusing and further you need to again install your Analytic code if you update the theme.

Check you how to add Google Analytics code using Plugin.

How To Add Google Analytics To WordPress Without Plugin

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